What is #IndigoBleuDIY

Indigo Bleu DIY represents our new approach to decorating events. Everyone wants to host an event that stands out from the rest, but we realize and understand not every event has room for a team of professional planners and creatives. To serve a larger customer base and sprinkle our magic in more places, we designed a service that extends our creative team’s insight and resources to empower YOU the client to host the event of your imagination.

So go ahead and Do It Yourself —- with our HELP!

#BleuBox Do-It-Yourself Event Inventory, Supplies & Decor Kits

Our #BleuBox kits are a box or boxes of curated, self-install event inventory and supplies developed for the specific needs of your special occasion. Whether you are hosting a small holiday dinner in your home or a party at an event space to announce your new engagement or celebrate your 50th in style, our team will pull together the inventory you’ll need from linens and centerpieces to cake toppers and luxe plasticware. Our premium kits can include glassware, props and even furniture delivery, if needed. We’re here to help you bring your unique ideas to reality.