Thank you for your interest in entering our LINENS + LIGHTING KIT Fall Sweepstake. We are excited to provide one lucky winner two essentials needed to add a touch of elegance to their table settings and enhance the ambience of their event venue.

The winner will be selected on October 15th and notified via email.





Linens are an essential for almost any event from a dinner party to corporate networking event and everything in between. Plastic table cloths are a BIG NO NO for any upscale event, we’ve got you covered in this area.

Linens available for 60” rounds & both 6FT and 8FT” rectangular tables.

The winner gets free rental of up to (13) table linens in either black or white.

_MOS2886 (427x640).jpg


Up-lighting is the perfect way to enhance the host venue space of your event. Adding lighting helps set the tone of the event - soft and light colors provide a touch of elegance, while bright and bold colors add energy and create excitement in party atmospheres. Our lighting units offer 8 colors to choose from and can be set to rotate in color.

The winner gets free rental of 8 up-lighting units for their event.

Sweepstake Guidelines & Stipulations

  • There will be only one winner of the LINENS + LIGHTING KIT

  • Sweepstake entries will be accepted until 10/15/18 at 12am.

  • Winner will be announced via email at noon 10/15/18.

  • Contestants must be hosting their event at a venue in the city of Philadelphia.

  • Inventory pick-up is free and will be scheduled for the same date of the event.

  • Inventory delivery is available at an additional charge. Inquire for more details.

  • Sweepstake contestants must submit their own entry. No second or third party submissions.

  • Sweepstake winner must agree to have their email address to Indigo Bleu’s e-blast list serve and accept marketing emails from Indigo Bleu for up to 180 days.

  • Sweepstake winner will be required to sign an inventory damage/lost/or stolen item waiver of liability and will be charged a repair/replacement fee for any items damaged or not returned.

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